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"I've lost 2 1/2 pounds of body fat since adding Pilates to my routine. I'm more flexible and more confident." ~ Cathy

"Pilates changed my life -- first exercise program I have stuck with, I use my body differently and haven't seen a chiropractor in a year. Thanks!!" ~ Peg

"I used to have weekly standing appointments with my chiropractor until I started going to Pilates Plus. My lower back does not hurt any more and Pilates is fun!" ~ Louise

"Since becoming a Pilates Plus regular, I've noticed increased stamina; flexibility; strength; gained more muscle definition; and have become mentally recharged." ~ Patricia

"Over the past 7 years, Laurie's Pilates classes have helped me walk taller, sit up straighter at my desk at work and relieve chronic lower back pain." ~ Lindsey

"I must tell the world I have been attending Pilates Plus for two years now. I have always been an avid exercise person. Pilates is the best form of exercise I have ever experienced. I have no aches or pains ever. Laurie's studio is the best! She is extremely good and professional. Her instructors are first class in every role. Eileen and Lisa and Michelle are all excellent."